MoneyLIVE is Teen Financial Event designed for high school through college age youth to provide them with the financial decision-making tools they need to create financial independence. The lessons learned during this event create good financial habits that last a lifetime. 

This event gives students a hands on opportunity to learn about careers in the areas of science, engineering and business. Students also learn how to make real life financial decisions as a result of their career choice during a live money simulation.

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Financial literacy or the lack of financial literacy has reached epidemic proportions among America’s youth. In today's world, many youth work for their own money and many of them don't know how to handle their new-found freedom. Youth often spend money unwisely due to poor financial habits.
Many young people fail in the management of their first consumer credit experience, establish bad financial management habits, and stumble through their lives learning by trial and error. Many times parents and other adults fail to help young people with money because they themselves are having financial problems so the cycle continues. Our seminar team has decided that enough is enough.

Alliance Financial offers two programs that teach high school through college age students about money using a real life perspective. As far as we are concerned we are creating a financial movement to change the lives of America’s youth. 

Youth Programs

Camp Moolah


A dynamic, entertaining and educational week long money camp for youth. This program will impact your child’s thoughts and beliefs about money and will encourage and inspire them to live the life of their dreams!

Camp Moolah is designed for middle school age youth whose parents want to give them a financial head start in life! ”Camp Moolah” is a money management camp that provides the financial decision-making tools youth need to create financial independence. The lessons learned at this camp will create good financial habits that will last a lifetime.

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